Intellectual Property

Intellectual property: def. an artistic, literary, or other work that is the product of creativity; intangible rights protecting the products of the human mind via a limited monopoly against unauthorized use by others.

Our goal is to protect your intellectual property.


Copyright law protects original works of authorship through a series of property rights that prohibit the unauthorized copying of those works. Works eligible for copyright protection include books and other literary works, software and computer coding, photographs, motion pictures, sculptural works, toys, social media postings, internet content, architectural plans, and more. Across all media of expression, Shullman Fugate focuses on protecting its clients' works from unauthorized intrusion. The firm also defends clients against allegations of copyright infringement.

Bearing in mind the practical objectives of each client's business, the firm counsels clients on whether, and to what extent, they should seek copyright registration. The firm also drafts and negotiates copyright assignments, licenses, works for hire, and other agreements governing the permissible use of works.

In litigation, Shullman Fugate both prosecutes and defends copyright infringement lawsuits and related claims, protecting clients from unauthorized encroachment on their copyright rights and from unwarranted claims that their use of others' work is impermissible.


Trademarks are words, symbols, or designs that identify a company or product to the world. Trademarks identify a brand to the consuming public, and as such, can be among a company’s most valuable assets. So powerful are trademarked images, in fact, that a recent study showed that children too young to read nevertheless recognized many common trademarks. When an image represents a company or organization so recognizably, it is critical to protect it from being misused.

Shullman Fugate protects clients' brands from intrusion by others through education and advocacy. The firm counsels clients on guarding against unauthorized use or dilution of their trademark by others, and litigates against such unauthorized use when it occurs. The firm also defends clients accused of infringing on others’ trademarks, represents clients in matters pertaining to domain names and trade secrets, and drafts and negotiates agreements related to the permissive use of trademarks.


Shullman Fugate focuses its intellectual property practice exclusively on copyrights and trademarks. The firm partners with respected patent litigators when appropriate and consults with patent attorneys on issues when they intersect with its clients' copyright matters.