Content. def. something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or any of various arts; significance or profundity; meaning.

Our goal is to protect content.


Shullman Fugate focuses on defending content-related claims across a variety of platforms. We have defended hundreds of defamation and invasion of privacy cases on behalf of newspapers, television stations, websites, employers, corporations and individual speakers. In court, we rely upon our extensive experience and deep substantive knowledge to identify and assert a wide range of First Amendment, common law, and statutory defenses to protect your content. We frequently file and often prevail on dispositive motions early in content-related cases, saving you time and money while permitting you to stay focused on your news and business priorities. For many years, our lawyers have been at the forefront of establishing precedent to minimize the impact of these types of lawsuits.


As much as we enjoy defending content, we also know that content does not create itself. One of our primary missions is to proactively help our clients gather the information necessary to produce full, factually supported and fair content. We aggressively protect our clients’ rights of access to public records, open meetings and judicial proceedings. Our attorneys have litigated many important public records, access and Freedom of Information Act cases in state and federal courts.


The knowledge Shullman Fugate attorneys obtain in defending content-related claims and assisting clients in gathering information translates to practical advice for our clients in shaping their content. Our litigation experience provides unique insight into the tight deadlines content providers face as well as the business and legal issues that impact their final product. On a 24-hour a day basis, we provide pre-publication/pre-broadcast review of content for publishers and broadcasters across a variety of platforms. Our attorneys vet material not only to identify legal risks, but also to foster and encourage the highest quality content.


Content creators become experts on the topics and subjects they cover and litigants often see this as an easy source of information. We fight any intrusion upon our clients’ work product and have been at the forefront of shaping Florida’s journalist’s privilege. Content providers also routinely republish user generated content and comment. This, too, is a ripe area for litigants. We routinely assist ISPs and other website hosts in subpoena matters ranging from the routine production of business records to more complicated matters involving anonymous speech and disclosure of corporate secrets and user data.


Whether defending content-related claims, helping obtain information to create content, vetting content, or preventing disclosure of work product, our mission is clear: We protect and defend your right to publish your content and your users’ content. We protect content.