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Rachel E. Fugate

Rachel Fugate is an experienced litigator and appellate lawyer. She has represented national media companies, local and regional newspapers and television stations, streaming services, book publishers, film producers, reality television programs, art… Read More
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Deanna K. Shullman

Deanna Shullman develops and implements successful strategies for defending clients in business, intellectual property, and content-related litigation. She is known for her ability to solve practical problems for businesses both inside and outside of… Read More
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Amber A. Couzo

Phone: 305-928-2429
Amber graduated cum laude from the University of Miami’s School of Law, earning her Juris Doctor with a concentration in Litigation and Dispute Resolution. During law school, Amber was inducted into the Iron Arrow Honor Society and received the CAL… Read More
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Allison S. Lovelady

Allison Lovelady focuses primarily on intellectual property, content, defamation, and privacy disputes. Allison’s vast intellectual property knowledge arises from copyright and trademark litigation experience and management of client IP portfolios.… Read More
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Minch B. Minchin

Phone: 904-914-3070
Minch joined Shullman Fugate in August 2020. His practice focuses on content, defamation, access-to-information, and intellectual property disputes. Minch’s passion for media law began when he worked... Read More
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Sarah M. Papadelias

Phone: 813-435-1615
Sarah joined Shullman Fugate in March 2023. Her practice focuses on defamation, intellectual property, and content-related litigation. Sarah’s interest in media law began during her undergraduate studies, working at the University of Alabama’s st… Read More
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Katie Stine

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Alyssa B. Allbright

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