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Free Speech in the “Free State” – A Review of the State of the First Amendment in Florida

Attorneys Rachel Fugate and Sarah Papadelias authored an article for the Media Law Resource Center’s July 2023 Bulletin on Supreme Court and First Amendment Developments. Florida’s distorted First Amendment reality stems from a “war on woke… Read More
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Congratulations to Kendall Pfeifer

Congratulations to Kendall Pfeifer on her new position as in-house counsel with Global Litigation Consultants, a company specializing in developing and implementing strategies to assist parties involved in mass tort, personal injury and other lawsuit… Read More
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Giselle Girones Authors Note on Fair Use Sampling Case in MediaLawLetter

Giselle Girones authored a note on the Second Circuit’s affirmance of fair use finding in Drake sampling case in the February 2020 MLRC MediaLawLetter. The opinion is of particular importance as the court took an opportunity to analyze the meaning… Read More
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Court Orders Release of 911 Calls from Night of Pulse Nightclub Massacre

In ABC, Inc. v. City of Orlando, Case No. 2016-CA-005528-O, 2016-CA-005536-O (9th Jud. Cir. Fla. Nov. 10, 2016), Rachel Fugate successfully obtained over 400 audio recordings and transcripts from the night of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.… Read More
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