About Shullman Fugate

Our History

Attorneys Deanna Shullman and Rachel Fugate began working together in 1999 at the largest law firm in Florida and one of the largest and most highly respected in the country, with offices around the world. The size and prestige of their firm afforded them the opportunity to work on significant and complex cases for a variety of commercial and media clients—experience most young attorneys would envy.

In 2006, they were part of a group of colleagues that departed their original firm with the goal of establishing a boutique media law firm in Florida. Both Deanna and Rachel have spent their entire careers in the state and are familiar with the state's laws, courts, and unique culture. This background enables them to serve as effective advocates for their clients, especially those from out of state who must litigate in Florida.

Over the course of a decade, Rachel and Deanna continued to refine their skills in the practice of media law, intellectual property law, and litigation. Having worked collaboratively together for nearly two decades, and with a shared commitment to creative, client-centered practice, in 2017 they departed their firm to found Shullman Fugate together.

Our Practice

Deanna Shullman and Rachel Fugate value the experience they gained at some of Florida's best-respected law firms, which enables them to offer clients a unique benefit: the exceptional legal training found in large law firms, coupled with the hands-on, personal culture of a smaller firm.

Rachel and Deanna are united in their philosophy of serving clients with a team-driven, client-centered approach. Simply put, this means using their insight to help clients identify and clarify their legal needs, and collaborating to provide them the most thorough, thoughtful, and effective advocacy possible. Shullman Fugate believes in providing clients with all of the representation they need, and empowering clients to independently manage issues that do not require an attorney's intervention. This dedication to doing what is best for the client has given Deanna and Rachel a reputation among colleagues and clients alike as practical, efficient problem-solvers.

In addition to personalized, responsive service, the size of the firm offers clients a number of advantages. Media clients, which make up a substantial portion of Shullman Fugate's clientele, can receive the sophisticated representation they need and expect without potential conflicts of interest with a large firm's other high-profile clients. The firm's lean size and low overhead also keeps fees competitive and ensures that clients are paying for high quality representation, not administrative costs.